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 About KenBailey

“We are not just another salon. We are energy-based people and when you walk in, you feel the warmth, positivity and tranquility of that energy.”– Ken Bailey owner and head stylist Tiffany Leake-Hunter


With more than 16 years of styling experience in salons throughout the Southeast, Tiffany Leake-Hunter presents Atliens with a refreshing alternative to the typical salon experience. At Ken Bailey, everyone is welcomed, treated with respect and lavished with attention. At Ken Bailey everyone—whether a senior, student or business professional—is viewed as celebrity clientele. Clients not only receive stellar service and all-star quality, the salon maintains the highest level of professionalism and exceptional time management. “Our time is valuable, and your time is valuable, so in being respectful of that, we aim to get you in and out in a timely fashion,” says Leake-Hunter. The Ken Bailey experience also provides a friendly and casual atmosphere, in which clients will feel at ease and in sync from the start to finish of their treatment. The salon also has a bistro station, where clients can work on their computers and are offered complimentary internet, snacks, wine, juice and cocktails. Additionally, Ken Bailey understands the fast-paced and busy lifestyles of their clients, so they offer the option to book appointments online and to receive email or text confirmation reminders as the date of the appointment approaches.


“My philosophy is to treat everyone how I would want to be treated, and that mentality is fully at work at Ken Bailey,” says Leake-Hunter.


Including her work with celebrities, Leake-Hunter’s work has appeared in several publications, including Essence, Black Hair Sophisticate and Hotlanta Hair Magazine.


The salon offers a variety of services and treatments, including the specialties such as sew-in extensions, color, cuts and natural hair.


The name Ken Bailey was inspired by Leake-Hunter’s two daughters, Kennedy and Bailey. “When brainstorming salon names we decided to step outside of the box of cliché salon names and go for a more diverse unpredictable name. Hence the name Ken Bailey. Since then, our family has added another addition, our son. Our children are the reason why I do what I do. It’s to provide them with the life and love they deserve,” says Leake-Hunter.


We look forward to servicing you at Ken Bailey Hair Studio!

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